Altnabreac to Dalnawillan Lodge

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Walk Length
7.75 miles (return walk)
Ordnance Survey Explorer
450 Wick and the Flow Country
Step 1
Leave the station from the gate, past the bungalow on your right and over a cattle grid onto a track. Almost immediately after this, the track forks. Turn right, and then left again at the sign pictured (Altneabreac right, Loch Dhu left). Cross a bridge over the river, taking a left hand turn almost immediately after crossing the bridge. From this turn, you should be able to see two cottages slightly uphill away from you and to the left of the track.
Step 2
Make your way up past the two cottages on your left, with forestry now on both sides of you. After around three quarters of a mile, the forestry gives way and Loch Dhu lodge appears on your left, with Loch Dubh on the right. The lodge was previously a hotel, but is now privately owned.
Step 3
With the shores of Loch Dubh on your right, leave Loch Dhu lodge behind you (the picture was taken looking back towards the lodge), ignoring a track that leaves to the left. You will reenter forestry for around a third of a mile before emerging into a spectacularly wild area of marshland.
Step 4
After around three quarters of a mile, you will reach the second loch to be seen today, Loch a’ Mhuilinn. You will be walking next to this loch for around a third of a mile.
Step 5
Once you leave the southern shore of Loch a’ Mhuilinn behind you, you are only a mile away from Dalnawillan hunting lodge. About half a mile from Dalnawillan, you will make out a cemetery on a high point to the left of the track. St Ciaran is commemorated here.
Step 6
You will pass a metal farm outbuilding as you arrive at the now-abandoned Dalnawillan lodge. Once a place of great comfort to hunters on cold nights, the building is now sadly derelict, but makes for a fascinating place to explore.
To return to Altnabreac, retrace your steps, again ensuring to ignore the track leading away from Loch Dubh (this time on your right) and instead walk past Loch Dhu lodge on your right.