Bere Peninsula Circular

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Bere Ferrers
Walk Length
7.5 miles (circular)
Ordnance Survey Explorer
108 Lower Tamar Valley & Plymouth
Step 1
Leave the station and turn left past the station house, following the road as it curves away from the station area. When this road joins another, next to the timetable and station sign, take a sharp left. You will cross the line with a view from the bridge of Bere Ferrers’ quintessential country station to your left. After around a third of a mile, you will see New Park Farm on your left. Ignore a white road sign pointing right towards Bere Alston and keep going.
Step 2
From the road, there are fine views across to Cargreen in Cornwall. The road will shortly descend steeply past more farm outbuildings, bend sharply to the left in a small valley and begin to climb again. After another descent, you will reach the houses of Clamoak, a small hamlet with a quay.
Step 3
Leaving Clamoak, the road levels out for around three quarters of a mile as you skirt the bank of the tidal Tamar. You pass through Weir Quay, again ignoring a right hand turn signposted to Cotts, and continue to Hole’s Hole, another hamlet on the banks of the Tamar. As you reach Hole’s Hole, the road will climb sharply to the left away from the river, and past the hulk of an abandoned boat. Keep going uphill as the road twists again, this time to the left, and turn right at the T-junction at the top of the hill. You will pass nursery buildings to your left. Ignore a left turn to Cotts, keep going as the road bends to the left and take the right turn at the T-junction at Furzehill.
Step 4
Crossing the railway at the evocatively-named Moles Hole Overbridge, it seems hard to believe that the line beneath you once carried mainline express trains from Waterloo! Shortly after this bridge, you will reach a fork in the road. Take the right fork, signposted Tavistock. You will pass a small modern housing estate as you reach the outskirts of Bere Alston.
Coming to a crossroads, you have an option to turn left into Bere Alston itself if you need a break, food or drink, or cross straight over the crossroads to continue the walk.
Step 5
Leaving the crossroads behind you, you will come to the Bere Ferrers recreation area. Go through the gate, and keep to the right of the field. You will pass Bere Alston United’s football pitch on your left as you come to another gate. This leads to a narrow path which runs between hedgerow on the right and horse fields on the left. As you emerge back onto the road from the path, you will reach a road junction. Take the road ahead of you, slightly to the left, and pass a bungalow to your right.
Step 6
For around 1.5 miles, your route takes you between farmers’ fields, with glimpses of Well Wood and Hole Wood in the valley to your right. You will pass Collytown Forge on the right. Eventually the road bends to the right next to a cluster of houses and descends sharply. From farmers’ gates on the left hand side of the descending road, there are great views of the River Tavy. After descending for around half a mile from the houses, the road twists sharply to the right. Ignore the left turn here and take the right, signposted Hallowell and Bere Ferrers.
Step 7
You descend into a pretty valley with a stream which will run to the left hand side of the road. A path appears to the left. If the weather has been dry, this is the more pleasant option, but it can get very muddy!
If taking the path, follow this above the banks of the Tavy for around half a mile. It will bring you out into Bere Ferrrers. If taking the road, it will climb as you leave the path behind. Keep going for around half a mile, ignoring a right turn uphill, before the road bears to the left. Again, ignore a track that leads to the left as the road bends to the right.
Step 8
Whether you took path or road earlier, both will lead you to Bere Ferrers’ pretty quay, with more views across the Tavy. Keep going with the river on your left, past Ye Olde Plough Inn, and up through the village for around a quarter of a mile. The railway station will be signposted left as you reach Bere Ferrers Social Club, so follow this road gently uphill with houses on both sides. At the top of this hill, do not continue into Station Road, directly ahead of you, but instead follow the road round to your right. You will see the station sign and timetable board on your left after a row of bungalows.