Kinbrace to Forsinard

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Kinbrace or Forsinard
Walk Length
7 miles (one way)
Ordnance Survey Explorer
449 Strath Halladale & Strathy Point
Step 1
Directions are provided, but it’s very difficult to get lost on this route. Once you are on the “main road”  between Kinbrace and Forsinard, just stay on it! The walk can also be enjoyed from Forsinard to Kinbrace, but the lack of facilities at Kinbrace and the excellent RSPB centre at Forsinard make the latter a better place to wait for a train.
Leaving the station, do not cross the line at the level crossing, but continue to the right uphill away from the railway. The distant crags of Creag Sail a Bhathaich and Meall a Bhuirich are visible over the railway and through the trees.
Step 2
Passing a brightly coloured house on your left, you will join the road to Forsinard. Continue in the same direction at the junction of the two roads.
Step 3
A road sign tells you that Forsinard lies seven miles away.
Step 4
Around 2 miles after leaving Kinbrace, both road and rail cross a burn. To your right, forestry appears.
Step 5
After another half mile, you reach the southern shores of Loch an Ruathair. The loch will be alongside you for over 1.5 miles, with skeletal railway snow fences fashioned from sleepers a regular feature. By the time you pass the north end of the loch, you are around 2.5 miles from Forsinard. Continue uphill slightly, past more forestry on your right
Step 6
Arriving in the relatively populous Forsinard, you will see a signpost to the RSPB boardwalk and viewing tower on your left just before you reach a level crossing. The station building itself, on the right as you arrive, houses the RSPB centre and is well worth a visit.